Friday, November 27, 2009

New Traditions on Thanksgiving Day

Linda Elisa Lauren
We started a new tradition this Thanksgiving day of 2009....after all the partying was complete, my future daughter in laws...Lauren and Elisa, and I spent the rest of the afternoon putting Christmas wreaths together to adorne our homes....

Elisa working on her wreath

Linda and Lauren making something lovely out of some tree boughs

I am thrilled with my idea for a new tradition...Thanksgiving day for the guys ( after dinner ) is always about football and, this gives us gals something fun and creative to do...and since the Holidays often get so busy with activities, we have a opportune time to make our wreaths, we do not have to try and schedule it into one of those jam packed weekends between now and Christmas ;-) and gives us even more time spent with our family members.....

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