Thursday, October 18, 2012

A little fun photography

Take one two year old,  one covered arena and add a sunny day and a few of that young man's favorite photos and what do you get?

                                                    A whole lot of FUN !!!!
I am always amazed how well silhouette photos show every detail, include facial expressions..though I can't actually see it, I can see August is smiling, by the position of his little cheek and jaw.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

                                                                      Good bye Summer!     
                                                              Harvest time on the farm

Fall brings harvest time to Creekside Curlies......Our garden was poor this year, due to weather conditions and lack of time on our part,  but our fruit trees rewarded us regardless. August and Grandpa picked plums, prunes, apples, and blackberries. August was very fond of them all.  Mike and I put up 66 jars of blackberry jelly and we also have a good supply of berries in the freezer for cobbler on a cold winter's day.

I have been running way behind on my blogging,  August and September were consumed with activities off the farm. We are glad to be settled back in for our fall weather and time to enjoy it!  and more time for blogging ;-)