Thursday, April 23, 2009

A break even day

Rachelle and Flyer

DKH Black Sage and her new colt....*C-C Handsome Knight

It was a break even day on Tuesday, one horse left the farm, and another one arrived. Tuesday morning early, Sage foaled and presented us with a tall, long legged, curly coated, bay colt...handsome boy!!! and as we were enjoying our new arrival, we heard from the young lady who was buying Flyer was ready to meet us at our scheduled meeting spot. We had made tenative plans to meet close to the first of May, but she emailed and said "how about tomorrow?", we tidied things up, made sure the new handsome foal was in good health and good hands, and loaded up Flyer and headed out. Missoula is a 5 hour drive for us, we took it slow and had an enjoyable evening driving. Flyer did well, he ate and drank plenty and seemed quite relaxed the whole way. We tucked Flyer in, and settled into our Motel room. Flyer was perky and ready to enjoy another day of travel in the morning...We had our meeting....and Flyer met his new owner. I have to say that he has hit the jackpot! Rachelle is a lovely young lady, and I saw an immeadiate bond between her and her new guy. Flyer will live on a very large cattle ranch, with plenty of room to roam. Rachelle has the skills to start him off right in his riding career, and she even mentioned he might become a tad bit spoiled ;-)

Back home on Wednesday evening we had a chance to admire our new colt...he is moving around well, but those long legs don't quite go where they are sent.....but he is a love, friendly and curioius....This is the fourth of our five 2009 foals due...3 fillies, 1 colt....and the next one is not due until nearly the 4th of July, time to get a really good nights sleep!

That favorite pair of jeans....

There comes a time in everyones life...the moment you realize that your well worn, favorite pair of jeans is no longer acceptable for wearing to town...Now delegated to "barn/chore" jeans must go in search of a new, last week, while I had errands in town, I set out to successfully replace my favorite pair of jeans. Choosing jeans is not an easy task, probably since you have not bought a pair in a while, you will not find the same style or size....if the potential jeans fit really nice, you can bet they will stretch and get larger in the wash..if they fit just a little tight, you can bet the will do the opposite, and get smaller and smaller with each washing....I made a choice, and brought them home, but, as suspected, they are stretching, I will head to town tomorrow and buy one size smaller, and probably bet that they will shrink instead of stretch!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Creekside welcomes yet another filly! C-C Heather was born on April 2nd at the farm of Penny Johnson. We have retained the rights to this foal, and we will be bringing Heather here for weaning in a few months. Heather got her sire's paint job, but with minimal curl...a real advantage for horse show folks that don't want to deal with all those curls.....I will be going up to take some photos of Heather soon, so please check our website often. Way to go HeartBreaker and Fanci!