Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cleaning up my act

Ahhh, what a gorgeous day here!

Late November, and we are getting plenty of sun today, so, I grabbed some cleaning supplies and headed outdoors. Once a year ( if not more often ) I give all my nylon farm halters a good scrubbing....for me, this entails washing them in the washing machine ( I only do up to three at a time ) and then dipping them in a bath of water and fabric softener, a gentle rinse and they are all hung up on the clothesline to drip dry ;-) Dipping the halters in fabric softener/water mixture ( I use quite a bit of softener ) helps the halters to stay pliable, and easy to use...we have all seen those nylon halters, left outside a bit too long, that are stiff as a special recipe prevents that..

This wash job also works well on lunge lines, side reins, anything that is nylon and needs washed! If we still have nice weather will be dubbed..."clean leather day" tack room is in a lot better order than it has been in a long time, and soon I will sort out my bridles, and probably have some nice bridles for just seems I have too many could that possibly happen..LOL

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