Thursday, November 17, 2011

*Tekara's sire wins big!

Congrats to *DCC Traveler and Liz Mattke on their 2011 CSI "HOY" win !!!! Our filly *Tekara is a Traveler daughter, and we expect great things from her too......congrats on a job well done!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

another pinto in the pasture

Sometimes it just happens....a small ad seen, a photo that you suspect the equine is better than represented...and an inquiry.....That is how another pinto arrived in the pasture here at Creekside Curlies! We are proud to introduce you to *Tekara. When I saw the ad for this mare, it got my wheels turning....Perhaps this would make a good frozen semen candidate for our stash of "HeartBreaker" semen...perhaps this mare would make a nice riding horse...perhaps...... was love at first sight...the mare was not the height stated in the ad, but every single thing about her screamed "take me home" her temperament is one of the best I have ever encountered...she is gently broke to ride and she handles like a dream. Mike is smitten, he already has big plans for her, learning to pack and camp ( he swore he would NEVER horse camp again...LOL ) he is just sure that *Tekara will be a gentle mount for August James in the future, and he is probably right..he generally is!

I find it very ironic that this mare, a true medicine hat marked mare, very well may be a Native American's mount...August is 1/2 Native American....seems Mr. August will start with what the Native American's considered to be a highly prized equine.
My camera has been in the shop, and I took most of these photos with my older camera....but, I had battery trouble and only got a couple shots in, before the end of the daylight, and now we are into a wet/muddy weather pattern...oh well! no more photos until spring I guess.
Gotta love this shows just how comfortable they are with each other, and *Tekara has only been here a couple days....this is going to be a relationship made in heaven ;-)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here we are!

After two years of studying, asking questions, searching for a trainer, and lots of lots of driving lessons, I am actually driving my very own horse. Legacy had our first "real" lesson, walk, trot and lots of change of reins/direction.......and she was WONDERFUL !!! a gem beyond words this mare is. There is some "getting to know each other" to be done, she is softer and requires less rein pressure (for the lack of the proper term) than the lesson horse, and she steadied me when I felt a bit of apprehension in our lesson.... Legacy will stay with her trainer for another month, so she can work outside, and on the trails, and so I can take several more lessons with her, before bringing her home. Truly a "team" stayed tuned for more on "Team Creekside" .....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Living the dream!

Living the Dream, Legacy and I are now driving together.....this is our first lesson together!

After my driving lesson with Legacy, our trainer hitched her to our own harness and cart....the next photos are, our trainer's first drive with her and him, in our own harness and cart is a little heavier, and certainly noisier than the training carts..but Legacy accepted it well, worked hard and was so willing.....Working outside the cart gave our trainer a good look at how Legacy would react, without putting himself in danger.....what a good girl she was!

Next week this will be me!!! I can hardly wait !