Friday, November 20, 2009

Everybody out!

For the first time since March....we have, once again, all our herd out on pasture...oh, that is a good feeling! My main concern was for Hattie, she has been doing well in a herd here by the house, but I wanted all those babies out with the mare herd, to take advantage of our nice fall green up...and save a bit of the hay pile for later in the winter...

I turned out the herd of 5, Marbles, Princess, Hattie, Spark and Dark Knight.... in the big pasture, and after 3 days of them running alone, they met up with the mare herd, Krinkles, Ally, Kallie, Legacy and Izzy. Things went rather smoothly...not much in the way of fussing or bad attitudes, and Izzy does not seem to think of Hattie as any different as an of the other youngsters....

So, for a few days we have all the herd out on pasture.....they all get a break! Soon, Izzy will be in for more training, but hey, I am taking a has been quite a while since I had one ;-)

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