Thursday, August 1, 2013

Catching up

Oh MY!  how does time fly?  After a couple of very educational clinics, and some minor equine injuries, human caused no less, Legacy and I are back to driving.  I made changes in her harness saddle, and her bit. Shoes that were too small and nails that caused issues have been removed allowing her hooves and legs to heal.  I spent today long lining. Legacy likes her new bit (she should for the price!) and as long as I remember to keep my hands up, she remembers to follow my direction.  Today, Legacy had the smoothest "rein back" I have ever seen her do....I think much of the success was bit related.  Since our competition year was totally shot because of injuries, we will spend alot of time long lining, in addition to driving.  I hope to find a dressage trainer to work with by fall, so we can improve MY skills along with Legacy's.  

Good bye sweet Lady!

Last week Lady started her journey to Finland.....She arrived in Colorado on the first leg of her journey. Lady will soon travel to Paul's Valley, OK, where she will stay in quarantine until her flight to Finland. As usual, shipping was a nightmare. The shippers gave us a call and told us they would arrive between 8pm and Midnight....I decided to stay up...(bad idea) but when I had not seen nor heard from them by 2am I headed for bed. The shipper arrived around noon ......and after a bit of complications (truck issues) not related to Lady, she was on her way to Colorado.  I hope someday, a shipper will care enough about their reputation to make things easier on the farm shipping the horse out. I have not an "easy" ship in years.
Lady is one of the best broke curlies I have ever been around. She is so responsive off your legs,  she listens, but not "squirt" out from underneath you.  Her Finnish home waiting has a young man, with horse allergies waiting for her....she will be well loved and well cared for....congrats Lady on finding such a great home. Lady will be missed here at Creekside.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Snow time drive

Winter time is a good time for a snow drive here....using the wheat field by the house, I took the opportunity to go for a drive!  Hubby was kind enough to take some pics for me....and what a superb job he did. After my solo drive, I added on my "gator"  we went for a short carriage has a way to correct the balance, and gator Alice and I need to practice some, and get the balance for 2 people correct..that will help Legacy alot...she will only have the chore of pulling the carriage, instead of pulling and trying to balance the carriage off her back.