Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our first road drive

Yesterday was a incredible day...First I drove Legacy in the pasture and yard (English term for in front of the barns at the stable where she is boarded)..she was a doll! the gate from the pasture to the "yard" was a nice controlled walk...she gets pretty excited to go through that gate, as driving out in the yard is an easier task for her...the yard has a nicely packed dirt road, much easier to drive around. After my driving session I asked Virgil to take the lines and work Legacy a bit on her cantering. Talk about a RUSH of adrenaline !!!! Virgil and I sat back and enjoyed the ride....a smooth horse, in a controlled canter eating up strides at a fairly rapid pace...this mare is just dreamy....We cantered short lengths, several times. I hope later this week, it is me taking the lines for a spring time canter....a wonderful gait, like flying on a cloud.

After our canter, Virgil mentioned he would like to check the pasture down the county road. We have been on the road for a short ways, but this would entail about 1/2 mile of road work. The road had actually been pretty quiet....and off we went.

Of course, as soon as we stepped out onto the road we encountered traffic. Legacy just trotted along willing and quietly. She slowed and stopped to listen when some unseen dogs started a barking frenzy..not only could she not see them, due to her blinders, but they were actually hidden behind a tall fence and shrubery.....after a moment to process the whole thing we trotted on. Next came what every whip (driver) dreads.....coming right at us was an over sized semi with a huge piece of farm equipment on its low boy trailer bed. Pilot cars in front let Legacy know traffic was in the area and the semi passed without any issues....thank goodness for decent truckers! most semi's coming down that road chose that area to slam on the noisy jake brakes....but this guy was awesome and we all had a safe passing of the huge equipment. OK...perhaps I would not have selected that to happen on our first road drive...but, hey, it is real life here.

When we could get a clear path, we turned and headed for home (after checking the pasture) Legacy gave us a brisk trot for a bit, then Virgil slowed her to a walk for the rest of the journey...

We drove a couple more circles around the yard and put her away....this mare is nothing short of amazing.......

I plan on doing video later in the week...stay tuned!

Even Virgil a "tried and true" QH guy is now singing Legacy's praises ;-)