Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New arrivals in 2010

Hi everyone, it has been so busy around here I have barely had time to catch my breath! We now have two of our three expected spring babies here! Ally foaled a curly bay colt on March 22nd...a day before I was going to bring her off pasture, so they have enjoyed romping the hills and playing in this wonder spring weather. Sadly, picture time has been limited, to a week of horrible ( probably much needed ) wet, I will post action shots when I can get them done. We named this colt....*C-C Heartfires Flame....a name to match his sisters in a manner. Since they are almost a physical match, perhaps someday they can be paired together driving.

I did manage to get Legacy in, prior to foaling..she was in just a few days before presenting us early Sunday morning with a stunning, tall, self aware, self important chestnut curly coated pinto filly. We have spent along time in anticipation of this day. Legacy's Dam was growing older and we wanted a foal from this lineage to keep ...a "Legacy"...this was part of the old time curly breeder Norm Dills favorite lineage....we found it our favorite too, and wanted to continue it on.....Legacy herself was born here on Mother's Day, 2007, and we knew instantly this filly was a keeper. So, through growing, playing, learning porcupines are NOT your friend, and then a summer of light training last year, we helped Legacy grow up and become the fine mare she is today. Because this foal of Legacy's is so special, I knew she needed a VERY special name. I invited our neighbors Alice and Larry over, and with them, Alice's Mom and Step Dad, Al. Al is a native Hawaiian, and I thought of asking him about an "H" since I am still enamored with Hawaii.....We were going through names..and the name "Hanalei" came up in perfect is that? and...I have actually BEEN there!!! Hanalei was the setting for the song..."Puff the magic dragon" about a magical place. So, the arrival of Legacy and HeartBreaker is named *C-C Hanalei .

This filly has alot of spunk....a whole lot of friendlyness, and "what are YOU doing?" to her..she is going to be a blast to watch grow up....and
So, we are off and running for 2010...I imagine both these foals will be offered for sale...some really great bloodlines...both these foals are ABC, CSI and ICHO eligible. enjoy! LOL...we sure are.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

update....please be patient...hopefully for the last time!

OK, another site is back up, and may have a have some temporary down time next week, so hang in there.....for now, we are up and running! .I am switching host and it is time consuming. SOOOO...please be patient, and there will be lots of new stuff to investigate when the site is back up and running for good!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We are BACK !!!

OK, my website has reappeared ;-) I let go of my previous host, for what is hoped to be a more reliable source...and did I mention it was more cost effective ? so...we are back up and running and I have much to tell, this has been a very, very, busy week ;-)

techno troubles..please be patient!

Hi Everyone... earlier in the week my website was hacked into and corrupting files were, PLEASE be patient while this mess is being cleaned you might suspect, we are working on it as hard and as quickly as we can. For website is off line, but we are hoping by the end of the week we will be up and running again..thank you for your patience!!!

IF these hackers really need something to do, rather than play havoc in the computer world with innocent websites...I have SEVERAL stalls they could clean for me!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Europe !!!

HB X Mary's Half Moon

I got word that last week our bred mare that we sent to Europe had foaled!!! "Emmy" presented her owners with a stunning curly coated filly, almost a clone of her Dam...

The filly's name is "Shakira" taken from the singer, as this little gal can really MOVE her hips...LOL....well, another quality HeartBreaker foal has hit the ground! We are still waiting, here in Idaho, but each day brings up closer to foaling time...! congrats to HeartBreaker and Emmy !!! and welcome to Shakira...and I can tell she has a great dose of curly temperament running through those bloodlines.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ABC Photo Contest results are IN !!!

"First Love" *C-C Hells Canyon Packer and Darryl K.

Well, after waiting what seemed like forever...I finally got some ribbons in the mail ! The ABC photo contest 2009 has been judged and the awards are out. I have really enjoyed this contest, it helps promote our curlies in a very positive way, with good quality photography, and attention to detail. For some reason many folks in the curly world have no desire to photograph their horses at the top of their game...nice clean horses, shots that have interest and show our horses at their very, very best. As you probably know....LOL....I have never been that type of person. Many folks first impressions of my curly horses are of photos of my herd members. MORE than once, I have been told after having folks visit, that the horse they were considering had already drawn them in, with a exceptional photo. So, to be rewarded in the ABC registry photo contest means alot to me. Knowing that I am doing a stellar job in representing my horses and the breed, is ammunition to keep me out there, doing even more photos...haha! are the results! This year we had 2 double winner.....double winners are photos that the judge chose as the number 1 photo...and the people chose as number 1...! thank you ABC for the chance for a really good competition...and look out 2010 !!!

*C-C High Sox Tyler trots his way to a double victory in the foals category. 1st place judged photo and 1st place viewers choice !!!

*C-C Hells Canyon Packer in yet another winning photo !

and...the Daddy of them all, ( literally ) does a run by......took a lot of guts to stay put on this shot...let me tell you !!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Kauai Photo tour - photographing Hawaii

Photographing Hawaii

Ok, this is my last post about my trip...I promise ;-) I wanted to share an interesting and unique activity that I did while in the state of Hawaii, on the Island of Kauai. On the island, there is a Photo tour company. The company has several different types of photo tours, the basis is, to take you to spectacular/scenic locations and let you have the opportunity to take photographs. It is a great concept, it is like having the best local photographer, take you to the prime sites. They do the driving and you just sit back and enjoy! I found this company to be professional and offer great expertise. Tips on shooting methods, settings are offered if you ask, and they will also grab your camera for a shot of you at the location. *** Please remember ALL these photographs are copyrighted. is where you can find information on this photo tour.

Our day started out a bit cloudy, but our tour guide "Scott" assured us the sun would shine! After our first stop, an over look at a beach, the sun did indeed come out and shine for us the rest of the day. What a HUGE difference that makes in the water color.

During the day we visited several beaches. Each had their own unique scenery to offer and photograph. I can honestly two locations were the least bit alike, certainly something that is a benefit when paying for such a tour. Scott showed me this method of photographing a tree...for a unique perspective. You lay the camera on the trunk, with the lenses up, and let the camera autofocus and shoot! pretty cool IMO!!! I hope that remember that trick, and find a cool tree to try it out on here at home.

I call this one, the "path to paradise".....trees over a path to the sea make an inviting path call to you! As you might suspect..this is NOT what everyone else in the group was focusing on...LOL...guess you have to see, I see things a little different ;-)

On the island of Kauai, there are chickens...chickens everywhere! They are protected, as they are thought to be decended from ancient native birds....what makes a better shot than a rooster crowing in a lovely back drop of green grass and leaves that match the chicken!
One of the beaches we went too, was at the town of all know the song..."Puff the Magic Dragon" remember the lines..."Lived at the sea..and frolicked in the autumn mist on the land of Hanalei" well..this is it!, I did not see Puff the magic dragon....What Hanalei is well know for though, it is gentle waves and beginning surfers...they were SO much fun to watch, and even funner to photograph, because of their expressions when they did, after try after try, finally catch a wave and succeed !!!

We then headed out to a beach that has massive rocks, and violent waves. Talk about fun practice !!! Scott said that many lives have been lost on this beach, tourist getting WAY too close and then getting swept out to sea. So, we all stayed back, but found the violent waves quite a draw, and certainly a challenge to photograph. This location was on a blind corner, with just an unmarked dirt trail to the beach, it is truly a location I never would have found on my fact, they probably ALL were.
One more shot from that beach with the violent crashed onto the rocks, and then make a little waterfall. COOL !!!

One would have to include a light house on such a trip..and we certainly DID !! but not just lighthouse view location..we had two locations....although the first location was closer, there were many people around, and being a bit of a purist..I like my scenery most of the time with out human, this became my favorite lighthouse shot of the trip.

It was quite a day. Sharing photography with folks that are experts, and fellow tour members that are interested in photography. The owner also said, some folks take the tour to see the scenery, I certainly can see where that would be a good idea. There was a medical emergency on our tour, it made us somewhat time delayed , but the tour staff handled everything with professionalism and expertise. All turned out OK in the end...and it certainly did not damper our quest for great photography! Thank you Kauai Photo tours...owner Michelle and tour guide Scott !!!