Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catching up

There has been a whole lot of things to catch up work, training, etc...We preg checked Marbles...( yeah! a lovely little foal on the way ) we gelded Dark Knight, vaccinations for all, and a bit of a "nose job" for Ally, a repair from her camping trip injury. After our vet work was done, I strolled though my tack room, and ARGH !!! WHAT A MESSSSSSSS!!! so, the next couple days I spent getting things back in order. I have just a few chores to do there, some saddle cleaning, and returning my freshly washed brushes to their grooming totes. It always makes me feel good to get cleaned up....and a freshly cleaned tack room makes life a whole lot easier..easier to find what I need, and easier to get around...LOL...yeah for clean

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