Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whips from Team Donk and Team Creekside meet

A week ago, Kristi, of "Team Donk" came for a visit....this photo was taken by Virgil Wicks, as we warmed up for our meeting of the whips of Team Donk and Team Creekside

More warm up time.............

After Kristi arrived, we set out to do some harness adjustments...Legacy is moving much free "er" now that we made minor adjustments. It always amazes just a tiny adjustment can make your horse much more comfortable...both riding and driving!
Kristi spent a bit of time "opening up Legacy" allowing her to use her good forward, willing attitude at a little higher rate than we normally work, it was a huge confidence builder for me. We had a fun day, learned ALOT and have continued our work over at this barn...soon we have a clinic scheduled.