Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Visitors....it never gets old

Sharing a hug

We had visitors to our farm over the weekend....a Mom and daughter team....came to see our horses and to test the hypoallergenic qualities of our herd....as you can see from this picture...our horses were completely hugable and hypo for these gals.

We spent the afternoon playing with the horses, all the horses got attention, and our weanlings especially loved the attention...Legacy also claimed the Mom for her human of the day, and kindly shared her soft curls and showed her stellar people friendly attitude to our guest...

These gals also raise curly coated dogs for guide dog service..of a hypoallergenic type....They associate with www.genesisservicedogscom a wonderful organization that helps provide hypoallergenic service dogs to the needy.

It was truly a wonderful afternoon, I always enjoy sharing my horses with folks, and as we talked we found many similarities between training and personalities of the dogs they raise, and the horse we raise.

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