Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vaccination day

My oh My! I am gonna hate to see that vet bill...on 2-10-09 we had vaccination day here....All our horses are vaccinated based on need/circumstances. We did vaccinations of 5 way ( Flu, sleeping sickness, tetanus, rhino ) West Nile Virus, and strangles, and Seleinum. Each horse has its own schedule, but in the spring, we can do the majority of our vaccinations at one time. We also did a couple teeth floats, some general question and answer sessions on a couple current subjects ( EVA, CEM ) all pertinate information a thriving business must keep track of. Legacy, a Skookum Buck daughter, has inherited several traits from her sire. The most unusual trait though, is her capability to snore....We had Legacy's teeth floated, and her wolf teeth removed, and a couple of caps pulled off as a precusor to her going into training soon. Legacy amused us all, by snoring through the whole process! It was not a "quiet little snore" either..but rather one of those snores where you wonder just what is making that racket! After an afternooon of work, we were all done, our horses safely vaccinated and properly cared for and out again enjoying the hills of Idaho.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank you Horses Incorporated!

First of all, I must say....THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Thank you to "Horses Incorporated" for the article on the Curly Sport Horse, and our farm!

Get your copy of the February issue of Horses Incorporated, "The Northwest's Premier Sport Horse Magazine" to see an article about the Curly Sport Horse that also featured our farm...Creekside Curlies! Get your copy now!

Late last year, Maya, the editor of "Horses Incorporated" contacted me about writing an article about the Curly Sport Horse, and our farm...and I willingly obliged. I knew the article was to be published in February's issue, and when I saw the issue in my mailbox, I could hardly contain myself. Imagine my delight, to see "Sport Horses with a Twist" right there on the cover, as a lead in for the article...See our lead in line, right there at the riders knee? Besides the cover, there was a head shot beside the article listing, a mention of the article in the Editors remarks, and then the article addition, I bought a stallion listing and one classified ad to help with promotion also.

"Horses Incorporated" has done a wonderful job with the article, layout and presentation. It is another great representation of the Curly Sport Horse, to a target horse enthusiast. Maya also told me that the gals in the office, just LOVE the pics I send in of my foals... HI offers each year, a chance to send in your foal pics , for a free publishing. That is a really great service, and we are always ready and armed with cute foal pics for that issue.

All I can say is...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...... and please pick up a copy for yourself ;-) HI is available at finer tack stores everywhere, in the great Northwest!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everything + the kitchen sink

This time of year our ranch chores consume most of the the time I feed in the am...take a ride in the afternoon, work with babies, young horses ( older than babies ) do some barn chores in prep for springtime and foaling/breeding season, then do feeding again, there is not much time left in the day....

So on occasion, I will get a chance to sit at the barn, listen to my horses eat their breakfast, give the barn cats a little attention and plan my next project. Yesterday, while "on break" I noticed an area of the barn that had been untouched for was behind a couple of round bales, and needed some tidying up now that the bales are gone. I also came across my "sink" ...years ago, probably close to 10 years ago, I bought one of those sinks designed to be used in a garage or shop...but....only after I bought it, did I realize, where I wanted to put it, there was no water source, and most likely no chance of getting a water source any time, it kind of went into storage. Well, yesterday, when I came across the sink, and all the supplies to complete the project ( sans the water source ) I got to thinking.....could it go somewhere near my arena now?

My first thought was to put it near my horse bathing area at the front of our arena...We have a wash rack, I keep one of those deck benches there also,to store bathing supplies.....but, as I thought on it, I decided to put it in back of the arena, where I more frequently work ( it tends to be cooler in the summer, than the front, which can be blistering hot ) . Every summer, I wash all my supplies in that area, brushes, halter and lead ropes, rags, tools, I like to keep things clean. I don't drag them up to the house anymore like I used too, and what a great spot for my outdoor kitchen sink! So, with a few tools in hand, an idea of how I wanted to set things up, and in a few minutes waaaa laaaaa, my very own kitchen sink, in a highly usable area that will make my summer chores a little handier. I did have to modify my location a bit, to make it unreachable by the horses in the arena, basically I moved it from flush against the corral panels to the outside of the main it is bolted down, has its own hose to the all weather waterfaucet, and will be a real helpful addition to my arena.....esp.. compared to taking up storage space in the I can just do something with all those model car kits Matthew still has stored there!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dermal day

Today is "Dermal Day"...I use the product "Dermal Aid" to help and enhance the growth of the curly manes and tails of our horses. In 2005, my friend and fellow curly owner, Denise Conroy, started research into how to help keep our horses lovely manes and tails. Many curlies go through a very itchy stage, and frequently rub out all or part of their mane. Denise's research found that the use of "Dermal Aid" on a regular basis, would not only enhance the mane's health, but keep our horses from rubbing out all the lovely curls!

So, today, I gathered my herd, and applied Dermal Aid to all of them! Reactions were varied, my worst offenders ( itchiest manes )found the Dermal Aid to sting a bit. It of course felt cold to them, and wet..but the treatments really went quite smoothly :-)

In another 3 weeks, I will treat again, see if I can keep up the regiment this year...I treated one mare last year, "Ally" and was pleasantly surprised how well the single treatment did...can not wait to see how doing it as advised will work this year!

Last summer I purchased several bottles of Dermal Aid from Smart Pak, when I ordered supplements for is always easier to do the treatments when you have supplies on hand ahead of time....we shall see the results soon!

Oh, LOL....I also had to do the treatment on Legacy. She never has had any mane shedding, but she kept following me around, not happy at all, that other herd members were getting attention instead of her!