Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Attending a clinic with Legacy

Last month I attended a clinic with Terri Jones an ADS top ranking whip, at the Teddy Bear Fjord farm. I learned volumes and the hospitality of Warren and Sylvia Ridder was unsurpassed. Instead of eating a soggy sandwich on the trip home, I found a place set at the table for me to enjoy lunch before I left....Legacy and I got a good starting point to advance from long linning...and since that clinic, Legacy and I have been doing well here at home.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Time for a bit of a change

In 2010, when we decided to downsize and retire from an active breeding business, I realized I did not want to be away from the "pulse" of the curly industry. Fast forward a bit, and I now find myself as the Current Director of Curly Sporthorse International ! I have been an avid supporter of "CSI" in the past, and am honored to take the reins from Elaine E. and I hope I can fill her shoes.

Elaine set up a wonderful registry in CSI, CSI is "Dedicated to the training, recognition, improvement and promotion of the Curly SportHorse. CSI contains talented folks, who are tried and true horsepeople above all else...we know horses, and we know how to compete our horses, and welcome all that are interested in this endeavor, no matter your experience.

I plan on continuing CSI as it stands, its wonderful programs, HOY awards( Horse of the Year), RPM(Rider Performance Medal) for the rider, registration of horses and promotion of the Curly Sport Horse.

In the world of fast pace social media, a Face Book page has been created for CSI, also a member blog has been created to share our journeys with our wonderful curly horses...check us out!