Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My first CT photography event ..cheering on Liz and Traveler

Over the weekend I attended the CT - 3 day event where Liz Mattke of www.travelingmoonranch.com and her Curly Stallion *DCC Traveler were competing. Stanton Farms is a "short" drive, about 45 min from my home.

Here are Liz and Traveler early on the Cross Country course....

Bringing it HOME !!!
Sunday was Stadium Jumping......here they are on course....................
Liz and Traveler on the show jumping course.
The combo jump in process.
Great results! being in the ribbons in this crowd is an accomplishment on its own..but doing it with a curly stallion, who took up eventing after years of not much handling, shows he has a great mind, and a capable body........CURLIES ROCK !!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A wonderful surprise! The Northwest Carriage Museum

Last week, Hubby and I took a little business trip....I was surprised and delighted to find a rare treasure in the area we went too. Located in Raymond, WA on the shores of Willapa Bay we found the Northwest Carriage museum. 27 antique carriages, all restored to the top condition they were in their heyday are in this museum..it is quite a sight to behold.

The carriages, all owned by the Dennis family were gathered thoughout the USA. They were then painstakingly restored to their original luster.

This wicker Phaeton, is the carriage type that was used in the movie, "Holiday Inn" in the segment where the actors sing "Easter Parade"....

I loved these trace carriers! This was on the pair that were pulling the Landau.

This Landau is an early 1900's version..it is the same style carriage made famous by the Royal Family...Prince Charles and Princess Diana left the wedding ceremony in this type of carriage, as did The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge...more commonly known as Prince William and Princess Kate. The carriage seat is supported by large "C" springs, that have leather straps holding the carriage body...the seat simply "floats" in air as the people ride....simply STUNNING !!!

The museum did an excellent in labeling the carriages, and letting folks know their uses....summer, winter, ladies or gentleman, there were different carriages for different needs! Oh the life that must have been ;-)
The Top Buggy is what folks commonly refer to as a "Doctor's Buggy" it is amazing how lightweight the wood is, and how fragile all the carriages seem to be...how they held up to muddy rutty roads is amazing.

I LOVED the sleighs! the Russian sleigh was small, cozy and I imagine very fast.....just think of covering the miles of the great land of Russia in such a vehicle.
The museum was well supplied with carriages...what fun it must have been to search for all these carriages, watch them be restored and then put them in a museum for all to see. THANK YOU Dennis family.....this truly was a treasure for me to find. You can see more at
www.nwcarriagemuseum.org ..it is WELL WORTH the trip.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something new to share!

I feel so lucky to have some of the cream of the crop from my breeding program in my barn. My mare "Legacy" is one of those cream horses. We are progressing in our driving training. Legacy and I have been working in our arena, long reining....yesterday, we worked outside!

This mare has a lovely frame, her dressage training makes her so confident on the bit, and relaxed too. I am getting in shape too! We do well at the walk, and the transitions at the trot are getting better on my part. Course, it is easy enough for Legacy...

Here we go up the driveway pulling the tire! Much more tire work is needed, but we have a good start...probably I will hook up to two tires soon, for a little more of a workload. AND...while we are busy training, our cart "Keen Green" is getting a makeover ;-) stay tuned !!!