Saturday, January 31, 2009

My 2 horse day

Friday was an absolutely LOVELY day here, and I had my first lesson on Hunter on the schedule. I always feel more comfortable, when riding a new horse for the first time, if I do it under an instructor. My favorite "first ride instructor" of my mentors, in both horses and photography, Virgil Wicks. Hunter has been in tune up training, ( at Virgil's indoor arena where he currently is residing ) and now that is complete it is up to me to help him advance his training. Virgil and I saddled our horses, he took a test ride on Hunter, in my saddle ( I was pushing the limit for a cowboy here ) and then we got on our own mounts and did our riding. At first it seemed like Hunter was a bit "loose" he got used to me, and I relaxed it did not take long for Virgil to put us right to work. We rode lines, circles, turns on the forehand, haunches, shoulder in, shoulder fore, and also worked on relaxing and standing. I knew I was in for it, as I had not been working all physically hard riding Krinkles. She is more advanced in her skills, and has a little better idea of what I want. Hunter and I worked hard for about an hour, and I was off and headed home. I was very pleased how quickly Hunter adapted to me, and me to him. He tries so hard to please, what a gem! and DUMB me! I took my RAC shirt, and a shirt to wear under it, thought I would have Virgil take my pic, but I forgot my camera! I remembered it after I was out the driveway, and did not want to take on the snow covered driveway in our dually PU more than is always an adventure.

I was so inspired by my first ride, I had a quick lunch and saddled my old reliable mare, Krinkle Clown. We followed alot of the same plan, in my second ride of the day, and Tyler was less of a bother, as he was busy playing with his 1/2 sister. I knew my legs would be SORE today, and they, tomorrow we hit it again, same plan and another 2 horse day ;-)

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