Thursday, January 15, 2009

tack room day

You know when it comes...that day you walk in your tack room, and things seem to be awry! Today I spent cleaning and sorting tack. My first job was our bridle always seemed like I could not find the right style bridle, with the right bit on, I pulled all my bridles into the house, got out all my cleaning supplies and took inventory of what bridles I had, which bits I had and cleaned them all up, and put the clean/not so often ones used in a clean bridle bag. I also found I was a bit short on the rein inventory, so when I do my annual order of horse supplies ( wormer, tack room needs, etc ) I will include at least one new set of reins. I clean my tack often, but in the winter time, I like to haul it all in the house, for a deep, deep, cleaning. The chore of sorting my tack room is not quite done, I will order my annual supply after that is done, but at least I can find a bridle and proper bit when I need it now!

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