Tuesday, January 20, 2009

getting down to work

This is the time of year that we do lots of prep for spring....Fences are repaired,foaling, rebreeding, spring breeding schedules are planned, and all our prep work, that keeps us a healthy herd is done. Hoof trims, vaccinations, any special tests need ( for example....stallion's EVA testing ) all this is done when most folks are still staying inside by the warm fire...but not here at Creekside.....Breeding/raising/training horses is a year round job...In the evenings, I sit thumbing through the winter tack catalog sales, looking for the best overall prices on supplies for the year, wormers, show supplies, things that need replaced...all are gone over with a fine tooth comb to get the best deal for my dollar. Last week, my friend/mentor/farrier was over to trim hooves...and Mike happened to be handy....with a few short lessons, and some serious help, Mike actually trimmed Izzy's feet. Well, one front, one hind...to get the idea...next week we will be practicing on Hunter...he is due to come home from the trainers. Mike had expressed interest in doing hooves for a while now, but it actually all came together this time....I LOVE it !

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