Tuesday, January 13, 2009

winter riding

It is SO inspiring to see all of us, out there, riding our horses, in a time of year that many folks would curl up by the fireplace and watch the embers burn. I have been riding my mare "Krinkle Clown" . She is my first choice of ride for RAC this year. Having foaled in September, she is ready now for a little work, and some dedicated on improvement for both of us. In an earlier accident, our arena mounting block is in need of a little repair. My body is not as flexible as it once was, and I decided rather than pull my mount off her feet, trying to get on, I would get on the easy way...from the fence! ( solid fence mind you ). I have taught this technique to many of my horses, it is a fast, easy way to mount, especially on our horses that tend to be a little "round"....Working with Krinkles has taught me alot of patience. She is a chestnut, a true red head, and at times can have a bit of a red head temper ( or maybe its her appy lineage? ) . I had no idea how long this task would take, but I know it is a great task for my horses to learn, so I took the time. It started off , when I would tap her on the hip, to move the hip over, she swished her tail, kicked out, fussed and carried on. She tends to fuss before slowing her mind down to actually think! I continued my work, and in about 20 minutes, I had her close enough to the fence to safely get on. A lot of rewarding was done, when ever she would attempt to understand what I wanted.
Yesterday, our task was done in just a few minutes....we also did alot of trot sessions, to work her baby belly, ( and mine ).....As soon as it is somewhat dry ( we still have lots and lots of slushy snow around ) we will head outside. Tyler, her colt, runs free in the arena with us, but today he will go in the stall instead, and I also will pony him outside haltered and minding his manners.

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