Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dermal day

Today is "Dermal Day"...I use the product "Dermal Aid" to help and enhance the growth of the curly manes and tails of our horses. In 2005, my friend and fellow curly owner, Denise Conroy, started research into how to help keep our horses lovely manes and tails. Many curlies go through a very itchy stage, and frequently rub out all or part of their mane. Denise's research found that the use of "Dermal Aid" on a regular basis, would not only enhance the mane's health, but keep our horses from rubbing out all the lovely curls!

So, today, I gathered my herd, and applied Dermal Aid to all of them! Reactions were varied, my worst offenders ( itchiest manes )found the Dermal Aid to sting a bit. It of course felt cold to them, and wet..but the treatments really went quite smoothly :-)

In another 3 weeks, I will treat again, see if I can keep up the regiment this year...I treated one mare last year, "Ally" and was pleasantly surprised how well the single treatment did...can not wait to see how doing it as advised will work this year!

Last summer I purchased several bottles of Dermal Aid from Smart Pak, when I ordered supplements for HeartBreaker...it is always easier to do the treatments when you have supplies on hand ahead of time....we shall see the results soon!

Oh, LOL....I also had to do the treatment on Legacy. She never has had any mane shedding, but she kept following me around, not happy at all, that other herd members were getting attention instead of her!

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