Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hattie heads out

Last evening a bit after dark, Hattie hopped into a large gooseneck horse trailer headed east...she is off to her new home. I know for a fact, that her new owner will love her, and care for her with the highest standards, but I have to say, a piece of my heart goes with that filly. Hattie taught me a whole lot about myself this summer, how much grit and determination I have buried inside and how rewarding caring for these creatures that God put on this earth for us can be. I have SO many great memories of raising this filly. It was certainly tough on my nerves, but all my worries were pushed aside one by one.....her horse social skills soared as she first shared spaces with her sister "Heather" then the rest of her 2009 siblings, and finally the rest of the herd. This is one very special filly, in many, many ways. I truly appreciate that her new owner will cherish her as much as I have.

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  1. Linda you deserve such a BIG KUDOS for all you have done for this filly! NOT just in saving her life, but in ensuring her future by making sure she was taught to be a horse and not a human. =] And this wasn't the only thing you had to endure this year either...you might just get the title "super woman!" Wishing you a much calmer 2010. =]