Friday, December 4, 2009

Izzy is back to work

Izzy is back to work...after just a couple weeks out on pasture ( our farm green grass rule, "if you don't have to feed don't" ) I just could not take it any longer, and am breaking my own farm rule...but, I just needed a horse to work!, I brought Izzy off pasture, and put her back to work....I am working on all the little things that have not been done in her ground work, like learning to crosstie....Izzy ties well, but I like to work with my horses in cross ties, and it needs to be taught to them to handle it safely. I am also doing some advanced lunge work with Izzy, and will start riding her again next week...I just wanted a chance to really instill some of the advanced ground work skills I require of my higher trained horses.

After our work session, I noticed how lovely Izzy looked in her winter coat, and the sun here was just spectacular..The sun this time of year has such a lovely quality to, I headed out to our outdoor arena, and let Izzy play and bit while I took some shots. I also had the chance to use our outdoor time as a schooling tool too, as a different location resulted in a chance to help her learn, "same rules under any circumstances"
There is just something about the color of a chestnut and this winter sunlight...Izzy's coat is just coming in, and I really love the look of her curls at this time of year.

I really enjoy working with Izzy, she learns quickly and has a pretty unflappable attitude...and did I mention she is for sale? Give us a call or drop us a line..this could be your next riding horse!

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