Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vaccination day

My oh My! I am gonna hate to see that vet bill...on 2-10-09 we had vaccination day here....All our horses are vaccinated based on need/circumstances. We did vaccinations of 5 way ( Flu, sleeping sickness, tetanus, rhino ) West Nile Virus, and strangles, and Seleinum. Each horse has its own schedule, but in the spring, we can do the majority of our vaccinations at one time. We also did a couple teeth floats, some general question and answer sessions on a couple current subjects ( EVA, CEM ) all pertinate information a thriving business must keep track of. Legacy, a Skookum Buck daughter, has inherited several traits from her sire. The most unusual trait though, is her capability to snore....We had Legacy's teeth floated, and her wolf teeth removed, and a couple of caps pulled off as a precusor to her going into training soon. Legacy amused us all, by snoring through the whole process! It was not a "quiet little snore" either..but rather one of those snores where you wonder just what is making that racket! After an afternooon of work, we were all done, our horses safely vaccinated and properly cared for and out again enjoying the hills of Idaho.

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