Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everything + the kitchen sink

This time of year our ranch chores consume most of the the time I feed in the am...take a ride in the afternoon, work with babies, young horses ( older than babies ) do some barn chores in prep for springtime and foaling/breeding season, then do feeding again, there is not much time left in the day....

So on occasion, I will get a chance to sit at the barn, listen to my horses eat their breakfast, give the barn cats a little attention and plan my next project. Yesterday, while "on break" I noticed an area of the barn that had been untouched for was behind a couple of round bales, and needed some tidying up now that the bales are gone. I also came across my "sink" ...years ago, probably close to 10 years ago, I bought one of those sinks designed to be used in a garage or shop...but....only after I bought it, did I realize, where I wanted to put it, there was no water source, and most likely no chance of getting a water source any time, it kind of went into storage. Well, yesterday, when I came across the sink, and all the supplies to complete the project ( sans the water source ) I got to thinking.....could it go somewhere near my arena now?

My first thought was to put it near my horse bathing area at the front of our arena...We have a wash rack, I keep one of those deck benches there also,to store bathing supplies.....but, as I thought on it, I decided to put it in back of the arena, where I more frequently work ( it tends to be cooler in the summer, than the front, which can be blistering hot ) . Every summer, I wash all my supplies in that area, brushes, halter and lead ropes, rags, tools, I like to keep things clean. I don't drag them up to the house anymore like I used too, and what a great spot for my outdoor kitchen sink! So, with a few tools in hand, an idea of how I wanted to set things up, and in a few minutes waaaa laaaaa, my very own kitchen sink, in a highly usable area that will make my summer chores a little handier. I did have to modify my location a bit, to make it unreachable by the horses in the arena, basically I moved it from flush against the corral panels to the outside of the main it is bolted down, has its own hose to the all weather waterfaucet, and will be a real helpful addition to my arena.....esp.. compared to taking up storage space in the I can just do something with all those model car kits Matthew still has stored there!

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