Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great Day for a bath!

Great day for a bath, at least the weather report had predicted it so...but, alas, the weatherman was wrong again, and my chosen day to bath "Hunter" in prep for his trip east, was a little cooler than I would have preferred....

But...In one of my horse related magazines, I had read a section about winter bathing, and this was the prime time to put this plan of action to the test....the article has told about washing your horse in sections/vs washing your horse by sides, as we do in the summer...once you wash, you cover the section with a nice cooler, and then work on another section. We scrubbed mud balls off, shampooed his tail, and completely scrubbed him..This plan went quite well, Hunter seemed pretty unfazed about the whole thing, and really seemed to like having the cooler over his neck and withers, while we worked on the hind end....pretty soon, he was all clean ( well, as clean as you can be this time of year, in Idaho ) and covered with that nice warm cooler while he dried.

I deeply bedded our stall in the big barn ( hay barn ) where he was away from a draft, gave him lots of good groceries, and the next morning he was bright and shiny , and CLEAN !!!

I will not be afraid to use this method again in the future....Hunter seemed to be quite comfortable the whole time, and he sure looks nice now ;-)

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