Sunday, March 8, 2009

A moment of Legacy

Well, I have just completed my very first online class.....Denise Conroy steered a bunch of us, to a website that has online photography classes...always wanting to learn and practice, it was a perfect fit for me. In the past, all my pics have been shot using the automatic functions of my camera..head shots were done in Portrait Mode, Actions shots were done in Action/Sports Mode, and I used little else....but in this class, it was mandatory that we go to the "other" side of the camera and learn how to use ISO settings, Shutter Priority and Aperture, off I went, outside to practice those functions...In order to practice though ( and at least try and be successful ) I had to LEARN what each and every function does, and how if effects the other functions. I have been trying to learn this since I bought my camera, but until I totally immersed myself, the words on the pages of books/websites and other places just did not sink in.....

I have to say though, I think those words are starting to sink in, and I am finding some success shooting pics while adjusting those settings....YEAH !!!

I headed out the other day, to do some head shots, and found our herd of mares lounging by our seasonal pond. Legacy was off to the side, not in the big bunch of legs/noses and ears that make it impossible to pick out just one subject, so I concentrated on practicing on her. I was mighty pleased when I returned to the house and found this shot among my accomplishments for the day...I have to say..the soft feel of this photo just really strikes me...and.......I just LOVE digital...!

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