Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our last spring break

Matthew and I at the famous "Las Vegas" sign

Well, after 20 years of taking "spring break adventures" with our kids, during their school years, we come to our final spring break opportunity....Our youngest son "Matthew" is in his last year of College, and this is our last spring break with kids in school...future spring break trips will have to wait for future grandkids I suppose ;-) That will be awhile though, as we don't have any grandkids yet!

The kids often get have a voice in our trip they got older, the more voice they had...younger years we spent fishing, freezing our fannies, while fishing on Prineville Lake, later years we danced in the rain while visiting Seattle, and this year...a WARM destination, and one made to match Matthew's college education ........We visited Hoover Dam, near Las Vegas, NV....Matthew will be graduating in May '09 with his degree in Electircal Engineering. Hotel Rooms in Vegas this year are ridicously cheap...less than $25.00 can get you a really nice room with a really comfortable bed! So, we stayed in Vegas, and did our tourist trips from there.

Hoover Dam was amazing...the history, the crowds of people, the dam was a very fun and educational day. We also visited many of the Las Vegas attractions...the Pirate Battle at Treasure Island, the Volcano at The Mirage, the fountain show at the Belligio, and the Freemont Street Experience...a light show of unique and spectaular quality......Walking, enjoying the sun, looking over the busy town...we did it all. Matthew and his fiance' Lauren out walked, and out touristed us...they visited the Wax Museum, the Flamingo preserve, the Lion preserve, to name just a few spots that they visited in addition to what Mike and I, simply put, was a wonderful week....though we had day of driving to get there and home, it was an easy bad weather at all. I also got to practice my new skills with my camera, and snapped some wonderful shots, using all my camera settings NOT on automatic.....A wonderful. memorable trip..and some weather I would have liked to pack in my suitcase and brought home with me...sigh....suppose it will be a long time to the next spring break trip ;-)

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