Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hill Work

 Today we start hill work. If you have ever been here to our farm, you know we do not have "gentle" hills. The hills here are extreme. I was not sure I could ever work Legacy even on our driveway, as it is very steep.
 Being the lady that she is, the kind and willing team member, she is tackling the hill with ease!
Coming down is nearly as difficult on her, as she must now use her bum to brake the weight of the cart and me. To accomplish the marathon phase of our local CDE, she will need to build enough muscle to carry and brake 2 people......
My friend and mentor "Virgil" came over to help work the hill, he took Legacy up and down the hill several times before I attempted it. He also stopped her on the steepest part of the hill, to see if she could hold him and the cart in place...she did!  he also brought his camera ;-)  thank you Virgil for these photos!!!  they are priceless ......and thank you Legacy for such a willing spirit and a can do attitude.

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