Saturday, May 5, 2012

The end of an era and the start of something new

Well, over the last week I have watched my two last sales horses leave. Princess and Tekara both headed out to new homes, Princess had a short journey (of the two) to Colorado, and Tekara is in Calgary now, in quarantine, headed to Germany.  This is the end of an era for me, years of building, learning, a lot of luck, judging horseflesh good and bad, and what works with each to make better. It is a long process and looking back I am amazed at how much I really DID learn. 

Our new era starts next weekend, when I take my harness horse and attend our very first playday. I will also be introducing my "Gator" to the world over the next few weeks, I have been carefully training her to help Legacy and I on our journey. Driving allows a person to do something a ridden horse can not do. The chance to share the experience with a non rider, in a safe venue (well, as safe as horses can be)....I find this a positive thing in my life and will want to expand on that very idea. Having a navigator (gator) is required in Combined Driving events, she will also serve under different titles,  Gator, header, Groom.....we are having a blast together and I hope she might want to learn to drive someday....added bonus?  some one to snap photos of Legacy and I.

The curly world has changed in many positive ways in the last 15+ years we have been in business. IF I were to start a mare herd today, my search for quality mares would be much easier than it was years ago. Prices might be up a bit,  but the quality is way up and that is encouraging....course, you never know, I "do" own a mare, and that is how it kind of all started!

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