Thursday, May 17, 2012

CDE playday

Legacy, and I attended a CDE playday at Teddy Bear Farms in Mead, WA in mid May. I also introduced my "Gator"  to the world, Alice D.  Alice was a superb gator, always a step ahead of me in plans!...For this shot of Alice and me,  a gentleman had stopped beside the road to snap a photo of us out in the lovely field. We asked for a photo of us, with my camera and he willingly took on the task!   He had the same camera as mine (Canon 7D) 
 We did the trails, Legacy has not done any hill work yet, so the hill was a bit of a learning experience for us. After the hill, she was gawking at a roadside pile of logs,  very intense she was!  when a butterfly flew off its roost and startled her....Funny girl !!!  big horse scared by tiny butterfly!   she was just concentrating so can not ask any more than that.
 Legacy LOVED the cones course. I swear she can not only read, she can add too...she loved the course, and hit the mid section of the cones with a jumper that does not want a rail down, she was careful to center herself...even if I did not help!  Each round of the cones course, she wanted to go faster and faster, she was sure using engaging her mind.

Good friends, lovely weather and an oh so lovely place to practice......our first CDE is in June...I HOPE we are ready ;-)

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