Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Teddy Bear Farms Combined Driving Event

Well, here we are!  Competing at the Teddy Bear Farms CDE in Mead, WA in June 2012. My very first CDE and we made it with grace and style. Our weekend went well. I had to make the trip without my Gator, as she had a family emergency.....but I trudged on. I did call Liz though, and have her come over and take some photos of Legacy and me.....something for the photo album of our driving career together.  I made the decision to scratch the marathon portion of the CDE. The weather conditions were not the best, leaving the roads with ruts and footing that I was unsure of taking a green horse and driver out, we scratched. Legacy and I headed home on Sunday...the CDE was well attended and the Saturday looked more like a picnic from the 1800's with the ladies and their hats and the gentleman and their top hat or bowlers....what fun and what a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

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