Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Olympic connectin

A few years back, I had a friend tell me "just you watch, Adrienne WILL be in the Olympics someday"  My friend Alene, was talking about Adrienne Lyle, who was in college with her at the time, at WSU.  I had the opportunity to meet Adrienne shorty after Alene made that comment....and this year, in the 2012 Olympics, Adrienne competes for the first time.

I have chose a couple links to is a blog from Adrienne, written for a magazine, about the journey to the Olympics, and the other link, is her profile page for the games.

Adrienne story is a Cinderella story,  a story we can all relate too. As you youngster, she bought her own first horse,  trained it, competed and sold it..the funds brought the next horse, and so the story goes. Adrienne had the opportunity to attend a clinic put on by Debbie MacDonald (2008 Olympician) and was offered a dream job...come work for me and lets see where you can go!  So, Adrienne has bee working hard, and bringing along her young mount "Wizard".....I always noticed when she was in the news from the Dressage Community, whether it be show results or articles written.

Back when I first met Adrienne, she was riding her mount "Miguel" that day...I was offered a ride on Miguel, and boy, I kick myself for not taking the opportunity..he was a fantastic horse, very talented and capable. I was really afraid I would embarrass myself, due to my level of training,  but I wish I would have been brave that day, and taken the ride!  Most likely that will be the one and only opportunity to ride a Grand Prix level horse in my lifetime...and most riders never get the opportunity....I really do kick myself!  Adrienne was as kind as can be, and never wore the "stuck up" attitude so many times seen in the upper levels of horsemanship...just a regular gal,  with a heap of talent....and really, that is the true spirit of the Olympic games......Adrienne, I wish you MY best, and come August 2nd, when Individual dressage competitions starts I am rooting for you! 

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