Wednesday, August 11, 2010


as blog updates are starting....this might be old news to those who surf my website often, but I will add a bit of an update too, so it can be new news!

A couple weeks ago, we brought *C-C Hotel Kalifornia "Kallie" home from the trainers. Kallie had been in training for several weeks with Mike Kincella, a well know dressage trainer. Her training went well. Mike does an excellent job with my horses, and Kallie was no exception. Here is a link to the videos I prepared when we picked her up.

Since Kallie has been home, I have started her in the process of training her to harness. She has learned to accept the harness, lunge and work in harness and we will start long reining and ground driving soon.

The more I work with this filly the MORE I love her ;-) She is highly intelligent, very athletic and is very, very lovely to look at! Keep checking as we will soon start our journey in harness and hitching to a cart.....

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  1. I've loved Kallie long distance since she was born. She's such a lovely girl.