Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Krinkle Clown !!!
This month Krinkles celebrates her 25 th birthday ! It is a great milestone in a horses life...Krinkles calendar may say "25" but according to our vet, her body and her teeth say "I'm really only 10" Krinkles came to live with us in 1997 when I was searching for a broke horse for my 11 year old son Matthew to ride. I went to look at a farm not too far from our place, with the intention of buying a gelding. The geldings I saw, were either not for sale, or way too green for a young man to, I took the chance and bought a mare.

Krinkles was nicely started under saddle, but she had her own opinion about how you rode. She insisted on kind, soft hands, and legs that stayed quiet unless she was being cued. I swear her and Matthew went backwards more than forwards that first year...but he eventually got the hang of riding her and him and I and our horses spent many peaceful hours out trail riding together. I do not think there was ever a moment when Matthew felt he could not handle her, she was gracious and forgiving, strict and loving all at the same time. They frequently spent time waiting for me and my gelding to catch up...Krinkles walks out faster than any horse I have ridden...big, swinging stride, that really covers the ground. There is no where on the trail she won't go, if you point her in that direction. There were moments where I thought she was going to blow up with Matthew...but over miles and miles of riding, she never did..she thought better of it, and kept him as safe as she could.

A couple years passed and we decided to raise a foal from Krinkles. We were blow away by what this mare has produced, quality every time, no matter the stallion....As we enlarged our herd, added in more broodmares, she was deemed the herd leader. Over the years there were times she was NOT boss mare, other mares got to eat first, but even those mares fell into line when Krinkles headed out. At 25 years old, she is still leading our herd, and has the current luxury of being boss mare too ;-) I think she deserves it, the luxury of being fed first!

Krinkles is a fairly opinionated horse. She has riders she likes and some she dislikes...and if she dislikes you as a rider, you will know it! She has a way of making her opinion known..without violence or bad manners...just a special way of telling you. I have spent quite a bit of time riding her in the last few years, and found we communicate quite well. She sometimes "needs" to know the reason, but if she understands what is being asked, she willingly obliges.

We have had a variety of foals out of Krinles...but one thing remains the same. No matter how much or how little they are handled at the start of their life, when time comes for weaning, halter breaking, saddle training they are kind and willing students. I can not say this of all the mares we have owned...but I can honestly say this of each and every one of her foals.

I dug through a stack of old pictures and found some of her and Matthew together, and also her and some of her foals...enjoy the slideshow/video.....

My neighbor recently asked...."What is going on when I hear the horses in the middle of the night?" easy reply..Krinkles is gathering her herd, to move grazing locations or to go to water...and believe you me...if you are ANYWHERE close, you will hear this mare..she has a rather exhuberant whinny!

I suppose our farm, someday will not be the same...but I have learned so much for this mare I will always treasure the moments and miles we have shared..enjoy the video !!!

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