Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrating the Graduate

On Saturday, May 16 th we have a milestone in our family. Our youngest son, Matthew, 23 years young, graduated from the University of Idaho, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. The EE program is not an easy one. Matthew spent 5 years in college ( only a rare exception gets it done in 4 years ). Most majors allow you to take a variety of classes, and then a dedicated round of classes the last 1/2 years...but in Engineering, you start out full force from the start. College class homework was always figured at 3 hours per class hour, engineering students average closer to 10-12 homework hours per class hour...some classes average more.

Matthew has spent an in numberalbe amount of study hours, he also worked his way through school, but due to the homework load he did not work fulltime. He had the pleasure of working with a NASA program (NASA RISE) and doing a research project for the Navy, and after his Junior year, he landed a coveted internship at an up and coming company, Schweitzer Engineering Labs. He continues to work for SEL and will start his first job as an offical engineer on June 1st 2009.

SO.....on Saturday, May 16th 2009, we celebrated (food/family and friends) Matthew's hard work and his college graduation! Needless to say, as parents we are might pleased and happy for Matthew. His degree is in a field that will boom in the next few years, and he has a job with a company that is leading in the field of EE. His internship boss, actually created a job in the same department to keep him from looking for work elsewhere...and last week told him about plans for him, and it includes worldwide travel.

I may not understand the specifics of all that Matthew does at work, but I do know, what a great kid ( OK, man really, but still a kid in his Mom's mind ;-) he is, what a great personality he has, and how hard he has WORKED to make himself a really great future...congrats to Matthew!

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