Thursday, August 1, 2013

Catching up

Oh MY!  how does time fly?  After a couple of very educational clinics, and some minor equine injuries, human caused no less, Legacy and I are back to driving.  I made changes in her harness saddle, and her bit. Shoes that were too small and nails that caused issues have been removed allowing her hooves and legs to heal.  I spent today long lining. Legacy likes her new bit (she should for the price!) and as long as I remember to keep my hands up, she remembers to follow my direction.  Today, Legacy had the smoothest "rein back" I have ever seen her do....I think much of the success was bit related.  Since our competition year was totally shot because of injuries, we will spend alot of time long lining, in addition to driving.  I hope to find a dressage trainer to work with by fall, so we can improve MY skills along with Legacy's.  

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