Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ready to Move on

Well, I knew this day would come ;-) Legacy has informed me that driving inside our tiny (for driving a full sized horse) arena is much too boring and no longer a challenge, so, we are ready to move on. Our next venture will be driving at a friend's place. Virgil not only has a larger indoor arena, but he also has several acres of FLAT, something we know nothing about here on our place. So, next week, after my bronchitis has left me, Legacy and I will venture over to Virgil's and drive with a little more room. This is a great spot to practice our trust and togetherness. Virgil's fenced pasture, is beside a busy county road, we will practice learning to drive with traffic, all in the safe confines of a fenced area, but with the same feel as being out on the road. The pasture also has a "exercise track" from the days when Virgil had racehorses and breezed them at home, so, we can drive the track too.....the possibilities are limitless, a couple acres of large, flat space, a good training spot for traffic and all fenced for safety, and an added bonus, a guy who LOVES taking photos as much as I do, in fact he has been my mentor for years, horses and photography are what Virgil does best. After Legacy and I get comfortable in this situation, we will take the drive we have waited for, down a quiet country lane, different location again, and all part of "our" education.

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