Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here we are!

After two years of studying, asking questions, searching for a trainer, and lots of lots of driving lessons, I am actually driving my very own horse. Legacy had our first "real" lesson, walk, trot and lots of change of reins/direction.......and she was WONDERFUL !!! a gem beyond words this mare is. There is some "getting to know each other" to be done, she is softer and requires less rein pressure (for the lack of the proper term) than the lesson horse, and she steadied me when I felt a bit of apprehension in our lesson.... Legacy will stay with her trainer for another month, so she can work outside, and on the trails, and so I can take several more lessons with her, before bringing her home. Truly a "team" stayed tuned for more on "Team Creekside" .....

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