Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something new to share!

I feel so lucky to have some of the cream of the crop from my breeding program in my barn. My mare "Legacy" is one of those cream horses. We are progressing in our driving training. Legacy and I have been working in our arena, long reining....yesterday, we worked outside!

This mare has a lovely frame, her dressage training makes her so confident on the bit, and relaxed too. I am getting in shape too! We do well at the walk, and the transitions at the trot are getting better on my part. Course, it is easy enough for Legacy...

Here we go up the driveway pulling the tire! Much more tire work is needed, but we have a good start...probably I will hook up to two tires soon, for a little more of a workload. AND...while we are busy training, our cart "Keen Green" is getting a makeover ;-) stay tuned !!!

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