Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something new to read

While recovering from surgery this winter, I ordered a couple new books to read...after all, I DO have the time for it ;-)

I purchased the book "Better than Bombproof" from Amazon.com and it arrived last week. This book is amazing. There are not very many training books, that I would plug, but this one is so different, and if you take the time to actually read it, and to then apply what he tells you, to your own horse, you can reach goals you never thought possible.

For several winters, I took adult group lessons at a local riding center. We worked on many things, most of them dressage oriented, EVEN though we were all western riders ( at that time ) and had no desire to compete in dressage. What I learned though, is.....you need to know this stuff to be a competent rider...and your horse needs to know this stuff to become really 'well broke" which is what most of us strive for.

The author Sgt. Rick Pelicano puts the theory into practice, and guides you one gentle step at a time to boost your riding ability and your horse's ability. What I REALLY like about this book is, he does most all the exercises in hand, then in long lines, long before he wants you on the back of the horse. Imagine if you long line your horse past the scary mailbox. If you horse spooks or bolts, you have control with out the added problem of being scared while on your horse's back. Once you and your horse have conquered the scary mailbox, think how easy it will then be, when you are on his back, to know what reaction he will have!

I also am quite pleased this book shows the training to aid horses that will be driven..that was, my main goal in getting this book, I "thought" it would be helpful, turns out, it is MUCH more helpful that I could even have imagined! so..pick up a copy and happy reading, you could be ready to ride bomb proof by summer if you start now. Also...most of these exercises can be done with a horse of ANY age, so get out your youngsters and do all of this in hand......what a great way to make an exceptional horse! I plan to take each and every horse of mine through the whole book...one step at a time...my summer goal I suppose.

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