Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall videos in the can

*C-C Heartfires Spark

*C-C Henri

*C-C Hanalei

As our days turn shorter and nights longer, we have had some spectacular fall days. The last two weeks have been our most enjoyable weather of 2010!

I took the opportunity, even with my old painful body, to do some new photos and video of some of our youngsters. I had not watched Hanalei too closely at the trot, she really prefers to canter alot of the time. I was very thrilled to catch this shot, which shows proper DAP. DAP is when the hind foot, lands before the front foot hits the ground at the trot. Good DAP is essential to a dressage prospect, as the more natural it is, the less you have to train for it. It shows that a horse is indeed using his/her hind end to propel themselves forward, not drag behind being heavy on the forehand.

Henri was a whole lot of fun to video and photograph. He is so kind and willing. He is going to make someone a wonderful riding buddy. He too, has a wonderful forward trot with good DAP.

My best surprise of the day was "Spark".....I know she is a wonderful mover, powerful and forward, excellent DAP! but the pics really show her ability off. Spark is also a willing gal, she tries very hard to please, even if she is hesitant about something, perhaps thinking us humans are plumb crazy wanting to 'wash her face" as seen on the video. Here I caught her with all four feet off the ground in a moment of suspension.

I had to spread my work load over several days, just too much for me to them all at once right now...and then 4 hours of creating, editing and posting video, and now I can rest a bit...perhaps? and perhaps get BACK to blogging on a regular basis.

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