Monday, June 28, 2010

Taking a drive

Leah and Daisy .... ready to drive

Last Saturday I ventured out to be part of the INDS ( Inland Northwest Driving Society ) Pleasure drive at Farragut State Park, near Athol, ID. Since I do not have my own horse and carriage going yet, I was kind enough to be offered a chance to ride with Linda and Greg S. on their surrey....the surrey was pulled by their team, Leah and Dixie. I happily rode in the back seat, snapping a few pics along the way ( not so easy in the bumpy back of a surrey ) was a lovely drive...the carriage trail at Farragut is 10 miles long..The trail winds through open areas, lovely cool forest and then back to the horse camping/staging area.

When we were fairly close to the end...My hosts for the trip, let me take the reins and do a little driving myself. WOWZERS !!!! Chances to drive a reliable team, in a lovely setting put me on the top of the world : ) .....towards the end of the drive, we got a little lost...the grass was very high, due to our very wet spring, and the signs on this trail are a little thin....we were following the cart in front of us..and I really had no clue of direction in this case....BUT...we soon broke out onto a main road in the park, and had a nice little drive the rest of the way back, albeit down the paved road....Actually, the "paved" road, with its chuck holes, gave me a great opportunity to practice my driving skills...

Other members of the INDS participate, as did members of the Selkirk Driving Society.....There were also horse back riders that tagged along too.what a wonderful day...horses, carriages, a chance to learn more and more for me....and good conversation and food back at camp......

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