Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hattie's diary

I have always wanted to write from one of my horse's, here it goes!

Hi, My name is is an excerpt from my diary.

Dear Diary....

I am 3 weeks old now....Mom says it has been a long 3 weeks, I think it has gone rather fast. I would like to share some of the things I have learned in my 3 weeks.

1. The Mom who gave birth to you, may or may not be the Mom caring for you. I think my brother, learned this too.
2. Mom's love comes in all sizes and smells...My Mom is not so tall, and a little round, and probably does not smell like me, but she is my Mom, and loves me dearly.
3. Some Moms have to Mom can not be with me 24/7 like some Moms, but I am well cared for, lack for nothing and am happy....just goes to show a working Mom can have it all.
4. A halter and a lead rope will take you wonderful places! Just be sure and walk by your Mom, instead of out front and is a whole lot easier on her, and the proper way to go for a walk.
5. The world is NOT flat....when my Mom expected me to cross a ditch and walk up a small hill, I was so scared my legs got like jello....but...she promised I would be OK, and I was! and I understand now, the world is not flat.
6. Moms worry when you cough....OK, I had a little cough and you would have thought I was dying on the spot....Mom got out the antibiotics, made sure I had plenty of rest ( no problem! ) and a sunny place to play in. She really got worried when I slowed down my milk intake, it is almost back to normal now.
7. Moms insist on manners every day of the week..OK, it seems like a little overkill to me..but I guess walking nice beside my Mom, not bucking at her while I play, and not scratching my fanny on her is probably a good least she thinks so!
8. Moms are a wonderful thing, and I am thankful to have matter her size/smell or insistence on manners.

Thank you Hattie !!!

a note from MOM
Hattie continues to do well, though she has had an upper respitory issue this week. We have her on antibiotics and she is feeling better and eating better. Hattie gets to spend part of each day on grass, she is curious about that odd looking stuff....She picks at her grain and hay, but is most interested in her milk bucket....another week ought to be helpful in her eating ability and desire.

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