Thursday, April 23, 2009

That favorite pair of jeans....

There comes a time in everyones life...the moment you realize that your well worn, favorite pair of jeans is no longer acceptable for wearing to town...Now delegated to "barn/chore" jeans must go in search of a new, last week, while I had errands in town, I set out to successfully replace my favorite pair of jeans. Choosing jeans is not an easy task, probably since you have not bought a pair in a while, you will not find the same style or size....if the potential jeans fit really nice, you can bet they will stretch and get larger in the wash..if they fit just a little tight, you can bet the will do the opposite, and get smaller and smaller with each washing....I made a choice, and brought them home, but, as suspected, they are stretching, I will head to town tomorrow and buy one size smaller, and probably bet that they will shrink instead of stretch!

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